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Valentine, an alter ego created by the artist. Not quite human, Valentine is a cross hybrid between an alien and a pop star whose sole purpose is to contradict gender roles and exist as the embodiment of fluidity within identity. This series encourages the viewer to suspend a sense of reality and explore a storyline that, while at first glance seems out of this world, reflects ongoing shifts in gender norms, stereotypes, and queerness.

     The series began with an investigation into sources of toxic masculinity and homophobia. Narrative imagery results in a bittersweet collection of pieces that both celebrate queerness as well as reflect on the levels of acceptance that queer people experience. Not being of this earth Valentine has no notion of gender presumptions, and travels freely between both sides of the gender spectrum. Valentine embodies pink; a color which in Western conventions represents feminine, ­­delicacy, and tenderness, but has grown in the past two years to be one of the most profitable gender neutral colors.  

     Constructing Valentine’s story is an assemblage based work, a combination of fact and fiction. Poetry is translated into acrylic based theatrical paintings and sound pieces that contain intimate spoken word distorted into ambient noise, punctuated by pop influences. The pieces encourage viewers to submerge themselves into a wholly sensory environment. Each piece serves as a window into Valentine and the artist’s world - ­­ past, present, and future.

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